Mobile App Development - The Future

Aneesh Raghavan

Technology at the fingertips is the new ruling world. Mobile phones and mobile applications have become an inevitable part of everyday life. From mere communication to anything and everything, mobile applications are our first choice. With over 1 billion smartphones sold every year and more than 180 billion mobile applications downloaded per year, mobile application development has become the new face and future for the world of information technology.

In today's competing business world, every brand/marketer opts to have a mobile application for their own company/business irrespective of the market field as people always search for the mobile apps of the brands/services.

Let's have a look at the major mobile application trends that are currently acquiring fame in the technological world.

Mobile applications for smartwatches (Apple Smart Watch, Android Smartwatch etc)

Mobile application for smart devices (Internet of Things)


OTT Application for smart TV and other gadgets



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