Over the Top Services - The New Era of Technology

Aneesh Raghavan

The World is digitalized, so is marketing. Earlier, the marketing promotions and opportunities were limited to print ads, TV ads, physical and telephonic communications. But in the digital world, a marketer can reach the new, existing and prospective customers through various means such as social media platforms, websites, emails and other online mediums. Marketing of products and services through internet and online platforms to target customers through different ways is called digital marketing. In digital marketing, we can easily target the customers using their age, gender, education, interests, location etc and can reach your customers at the right place at the right time through the right medium.

Currently customers are too accustomed with digital content and digital marketing so that prior to a purchase, most of them might be searching for a product/service across online platforms and depend on the same to make a choice and to learn more about brands and services.

With the evolution of modern technology and services, companies are ready to invest more on the digital marketing sector as the results will be instant and much better than other mediums and also thereby leading to a better ROI (Return on Investment) and brand awareness.

Digital marketing opportunities have become so eminent and essential that today we barely find any brand/service without a website or social media presence.

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