CRM Solutions

Lead management  / Follow-up  / Post-sales support

CRM Solutions

Unlike any other software solutions, CRM requires a more customer- centric approach and customisation capability.

We, basically categorise them into three standard modules which in turn will have much more detailed subsections depending upon every specific customer requirement.

Our company has dealt with several such business cases making us competitive enough to cater to CRM requirements from different business streams and industries.


Marketing Automation

Tracking marketing methods, calculating Return of Income of each method, forecasting the best methods are part of our robust marketing module.


Sales Automation

Automation of critical sales functionality in a way to improve efficiency, save time, reduce human error, facilitate real-time data transfer and communication will have a tremendous impact on an organisation’s growth.


Service / Support Automation

Managing customer inquiries, timely response to inquiries, evaluating the nature of customer inquiries, and providing after-sales support will be part of the support automation module.


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