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ERP System

From employee management to financing, ERP software has become the functional backbone of any organisation. Our solutions handle the end-to-end business process of organisations with excellent business analytical capabilities. Our solution also remains highly customisable and scalable enabling integration to a variety of business system from different industries.

  • Cloud-based ERP - This solution is a perfect fit for organisations who are interested in working on a SAAS model without owning a piece of the software. This also gives them an advantage of global access to data on a single premise which creates huge transparency advantage inside the organisation.
  • On-premise ERP -This mainly suits for the organisations that prefer the ERP to function from the server infrastructure which is hosted on their premises. This can come with an additional cost for deployment, maintenance and support. The client will also have to invest in buying the solution as well.
  • Industry-specific ERP -Enterprise resource planning requirement varies from industry to industry. This particular situation is tackled either by customising an existing solution or creating a custom solution by incorporating all specific features of the client.


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